The Rustic And Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tool Set!


Are you looking for eco-friendly kitchen tools that won't scratch your cookware?

Make sure that your most delicate cooking surfaces are protected by using the amazing Wooden Utensils!  

These sturdy wooden spatulas won't scratch on non-stick coatings, stainless steel pots, and cast iron!

They are good insulator that doesn't absorb heat even when left in the hot pot for a long time!

Compared to metal utensils, wooden kitchen tools are quiet to use!

Make sure your hand won't get burnt while cooking using these efficient Wooden Utensils!

These beautifully carved designs with long hands provide an easy grip!

Product Specifications:

Material: Wood

Color: Brown

Size & Weight:

Oil Spoon = 25.5xm x 6.2cm (48g)

Seasoning Wooden Spoon = 23xm x 6.8cm (32g)

Shovel A = 33cm x 8.2cm (65g)

Shovel B = 31.5cm x 7cm (60g)

Soup Spoon = 27cm x 7.8cm (86g)

Scoop = 28cm x 8cm (58g)

Spoon = 18cm x 8cm (32g)

The wooden handles are gently rounded that feels comfortable to hold while using it! 

These remarkable Wooden Utensils are non-toxic and won't leach harmful chemicals into your food!

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